2019 Highlights:  It's all about women! Filmed a trailer for the feature Revolution '69 that was entered into "Women Making a Scene" competition.


Also, check out my interview with Formidable Women Magazine!




2018 Highlights: Shoots for 9West IG, Commercials for various NJ studios, Fitness print shoot for Amazon and Momentum Solar. Much of the year has been spent promoting my children's book and doing events, press and school visits. Acting update?  Stay tuned for more info on the release of "The Undesirables" web series and check out my new headshots!



2017 Highlights: Local commercial for Power Knee, print shoot for Easy Spirit, another program in NJ for Effective Arts and the teasers for the Web Series,"The Deplorables"  released. My debut children's book "I Miss My Best Friend" has been published. Check it out: http://amzn.to/2xCilK4. For more detailed info please visit the "Author's Corner" tab on my site.


2016 Highlights: Had the opportunity to shoot the Spring campaign for a new shoe line called Klik. Check them out www.Klikfootwear.com. Worked on a promo spot for the Grammy's with beauty blogger Dulce Candy. Several projects for Tristar Studios and a photoshoot for 9 West Australia.


2015 Highlights: The year started off on the fast track. Ned Rifle was accepted and screened at The Berlin Film Festival. It is now available on Vimeo and limited release throughout the US. The Jersey Devil screened at The Ridgewood Film Festival and was released to all outlets and on demand Oct. 27th. Commercial shoot for a new start up My Conscience My Choice, print ad for Remac Group, new fit clients added to the roster and participated in another Effective Arts improv show.


2014 Highlights: Ned Rifle premiered with great success at The Toronto Film Festival in Sept. The short film I was in "Wish You Were", screened at The Golden Door Film Festival in JC and was accepted into The Big Apple Film Fest in Nov. The Jersey Devil, where I play the lead role "Tori LaSalle" made its world premiere at a packed Landmark Lowes Theater in Jersey City and has won Best Comedy Feature at The Downbeach Film Festival.










October 2011: I received the award for Best Lead Actress in a Comedy at The Downbeach Film Festival for my role in "Stuck in the Middle". The film received Best Feature in its category. Congratulations to the entire cast and crew!