The Independent Critic pens, "Penelope Lagos, who kept reminding me of Mila Kunis, adds just the perfect touch of heart as Tori, a stripper who's not a hooker."


Link to Article: http://www.theindependentcritic.com/the_jersey_devil


Daily Film Forum writes, "A poured-in her-dress Lagos mimicking a flaky game show hostess as she introduces new locations for Hell is sexy and hilarious at the same time."


Link to Article: http://www.dailyfilmforum.com/2014/09/movie-spotlight-new-comedy-jersey-devil.html


Time Square Gossip says, ""His love interest, Penelope Lagos, is the fun-loving, beautiful, strip-club waitress (“I’m not a stripper”) Tori LaSalle. Lagos has great chemistry with Ortega and proves to be the whole package as she handles the comedy with ease and also provides the film with its romantic drama."


Link to Article: http://www.timessquaregossip.com/2014/09/the-jersey-devil-premieres-at-loews.html


Daily Film Forum raves, "The sexy Penelope Lagos lights up the screen and plays Fontana’s straight man to perfection (with some great one-liners of her own)...This is one of the best independent films I have seen in years."


Link to Article: http://www.zimbio.com/Celebrity+News+and+Gossip/articles/EvjlpzkL1G6/RELIGIOUS


Brian Morton exclaims, "Stuck in the Middle has fantastic acting...you'll find yourself falling for Penelope Lagos, who plays Brooke, Michael's boss/love interest...both are real standouts!"


 Link to Article:  http://www.roguecinema.com/?s=stuck+in+the+middl


 James Edstrom states, "The object of Michael's affection is prank loving Brooke Lynne Monroe (beautiful newcomer Penelope Lagos) and together they try to stop the evil Todd Levy who is trying to buy Purgatory and close it down so he can build condos for rich "Heaveners."... Fontana and Lagos have a good chemistry and as their relationship grows with every new prank and all night drinking sessions, you find yourself rooting for the lovable loser and flirtatious beauty all the way up to the surprise ending."


Link to Article: http://www.timessquaregossip.com/2011/06/independent-film-stuck-in-middle.html

Time Square Gossip acclaims, "The ensemble cast was very strong with everyone getting a moment to shine... Penelope Lagos plays his beautiful love interest and radiates off the screen like a starlet. When Fontana claims to have a swimmer’s body, Lagos' lightening quick response of “Yeah, Shamu” was timed and delivered like a true film comedian.


Link to Article: http://www.timessquaregossip.com/2011/10/actor-keith-collins-is-stuck-in-middle.html



Anastasios Papapostolou (Hollywood Greek Reporter) says, "Playing the lead is Greek Actress Penelope Lagos, who not only resembles Mabel Normand, but whose acting ability literally embodies the role. Ironically, Penelope previously played “Thalia” the Greek Muse of Comedy for the sitcom pilot “Muse” which was screened at HBO last year. Her comedic skills and timing are what gave producers the idea to star her as Mabel."


Link to Article: http://hollywood.greekreporter.com/2009/09/19/greek-actress-to-portray-silent-legend/