Penelope Lagos




             Height: 5’5                                                             
               Hair: Brown                                                                     Phone: 973-876-6918                                   

               Eyes:   Brown                                                       


The Jersey Devil                Lead

                        Joe Pepitone, Dir.

Stuck in the Middle*                Lead

                        Joe Pepitone, Dir.

Madcap Mabel**                Lead                        Dena Schumacher, Dir.
Mary's Laughter                Lead                        John Paxton, Dir.
Hit N' Run                Lead

                       Rob Santana, Dir.

Ned Rifle***                Supporting                        Hal Hartley, Dir.
Max Has a Date                Supporting                        Michael Lepre, Dir.
Scavenger Killers                Supporting

                       Justice for all Productions

Wish You Were Here

               Supporting                        Born Young Productions
Rebecca's Window                Supporting                         John Paxton, Dir.
How Do I Get Here                Supporting                         Tajad Productions
Black Swan                Photo Double

                        Darren Aronofsky, Dir.

The Undesirables   Eve (Supporting)                       Shake the Tree Productions
Muse (Pilot/HBO screening)   Thalia (Lead)                       Pie-in-the-Face Pictures
Payback (Pilot)   Chloe (Lead)                        Kaufman Films
Rachael Ray   Self                        ABC
Wildflower (Webisodes)   Nadia                        Reina Productions
YourTango (Viral Videos)   Anna/Shelley                        Tango Media
Met-Rx Workout (Video)   Trainer                        David Goodnight, Dir.
Body Sculpting Bible for Abs   Self                        Heatherleigh Press
Remicade (CD-ROM)   Featured                        Cadge Productions
McGraw Hill (CD-ROM)   Featured                        Deerfield Productions
Guiding Light   Woman (U-5)                        CBS
Effective Arts              Various                                The Share Network
Book              Paige                                Manhattan Repertory Theatre
All I Want To Hear              Miriam                                Spanish Repertory Theatre
A Murder At The Church              Althea                                The Riant Theatre
Conflicts Available Upon Request    
Practical Aesthetics PT Program   Jordan Lage              Atlantic Acting School, NYC
Commercial Private Coach   Barry Shapiro              Actors Connection
Audition Technique   Anthony Grasso              Breakthrough Studios, NYC
Legit Showcase   Various Instructors              TVI  Studios, NYC
Private Coach   Flo Greenberg  
Soap Scene Study   Rita Litton               Weist Barron, NYC
BA Rutgers University - Theatre Arts (Improv/Monologues)    
Dance - 10 years (Greek/Charleston/Hip Hop)    

SPECIAL SKILLS: Fitness Guru, Hula Hooping, Dance, Human and Pet CPR/First Aid Certified, Hosting, Teleprompter, Comedy, Improv (General) and Shoe Fit Modeling.

*Winner of Best Actress in a Feature, Best Comedy Feature (Downbeach Film Festival)  

**Hoboken Film Festival, Yperia Film Festival, NJ Film Festival and Clearwater Film Festival

***Official Selection at The Toronto and The Berlin Film Festival 2014